This Weekend Has Been Exhausting

It’s been over for two days and I’m still pooped!

I had a VERY productive weekend.

On Friday night the kids and I had a really great movie night.

We ordered a bunch of snacks from the local pizza place, ate pizza, jalepeno poppers and fries until our bellies were almost full.

I even let the kids get milkshakes. Nice mom I am 🙂

Then we set up camp in our living room with blankets and pillows like we used to do when they were little and watched Step Up 3. It was great!

After that movie ended we made candy bowls and popcorn and took a few fun pictures.

A Rare Image of the Monsters Getting Along
Another Rare Image of the Monsters Getting Along

Then we put on Social Media.

And they fell asleep.

Sugar crash say whaaaat?!

I didn’t.

I didn’t want it to end, it was FANTASTIC!!

I love the guy who played Mark Z.

He is my mega crush. ❤

Luv him!

Then on Saturday night I was bored and figured it was as good a time as any to paint the back splash.

I hated how it looked by the time I was done.

Grrr. But then on Sunday morning after I got up and had three cups of coffee it kinda started to grow on me.

It just needed some tweaking.

I debated about moving on to the cabinets.

My daughter almost talked me out of it. She said I probably wouldn’t feel like finishing it and just leave a big mess.


Sooo I tried to just make it a take it easy kind of day and watch tv.

But I was restless.

I took my pacing around like a lunatic as a sign from the world that I drank way too much coffee it was time to take the cabinets apart.

I worked my hiney off all day and night.

I even repainted the hardware so (fingers crossed) I won’t have to buy new.

Speaking of that, I have a nifty tip to share with you: DON’T USE WATER AND YOUR HANDS TO WASH PAINTBRUSHES THAT WERE DIPPED IN RUST-OULEM!


Yeah, my hand looked like that at work on Monday, too.

But, this proves that I cleaned up my mess so IN YOUR FACE NAN!!

Well, sort of.

I still have the other half of the cabinets to do but I expect to have them completed by July Sunday night.

In the mean time, here is a picture of what the back splash and cabinets looked like before:

Dark and Gloomy.

Nevermind that the picture was taken at night. It was dark and gloomy dang it.

Now here is a picture of what it looked like mid-transformation:

Brighter all ready. It’s not all about the lighting conditions you know! And yes, the cat supplies are still in the dishwasher.


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