I Used to Buy Accessories and Get Excited

This past Sunday I had to take a trip to the Home Depot to pick up the paint for my bedroom so I figured I might as well get some other things crossed of my list at the same time:

#247 Get the right nails for hanging pictures

This was necessary and if you don’t believe me and/or if you are interested in knowing why, you can read about that here.

#140 Update switch plates in kitchen.

Let me tell you something.

I searched the store high and low (and normally do not have any problem finding fancy expensive things to spend money on), but for some reason buying nice outlet covers are not a demand of the good people shopping at the Home Depot in North Philadelphia.

Drats, I should have gone to Lowes.

However, I didn’t have a gift card to Lowes so I was buying what I could with the “freeness” I had at the Home Depot.

I do strongly feel that this post is deserving because even though the covers I got aren’t really cool (they are totally lame and boring) they are definitely an upgrade compared to this:

#225 Extension cords for bedroom

If you haven’t caught on by now or (more precisely) if I haven’t told you yet, my house is OLD.

Very old.

Over a hundred years old.

This leaves me with a lot of issues.

Lack of electric outlets would be one of them.

For example, in my bedroom I have a total of 3 outlets and a million things to plug in: my t.v.,  a cable box, a lamp, many phone chargers.

Just take a look around your room; I am sure you know what life requires.

Instead of spending a hundred thousand dollars to get more outlets put in I decided to go the cheap thrifty route.

Extension cords.

$3.19 a piece.

And I can still afford to buy the other things to make my house feel like it’s not falling apart at the seams so old.

Now, how can one stylishly have extension cords in their room without them being a super screamo eyesore?

I have no idea.

And I wish I had a tip for you here but I don’t =)

The cords are still in their packaging.

But I bought them so scritchy scratchy!

Once I get my ‘ish set up I will add a little update and some pictures.

How exciting!!



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