Look Dad, No Holes!!

All right, so if you had a day chance to read through my list of resolutions I am sure that you’ve noticed a lot of the items on my list seem to be pretty simple, anyone can do these things, why does she need to make this a resolution, type of tasks. Well, this entry is the perfect example of why such items appear on my list.

#229 Spackle walls, touch up paint

Again, who puts spackling on their list of resolutions? Me. I do. And I’ll tell you why.

I CANNOT hang things on my walls. Well, I couldn’t.

Now I can but let me tell you why I couldn’t first.

I couldn’t because I am a big dummy and never realized (until about 2 months ago) that are these certain, very special nails that are meant just for hanging pictures.

They are called picture hanging nails. WOW. Who would have thought it?

Not me,

I didn’t think it and I certainly never thought it. Instead I just took what ever nail type things I could find.

Big fat nails, long skinny nails, screws.

ANYTHING I could find and wondered why I failed miserably at getting the damn things in the walls without putting huge holes throughout every stinking room in my house.


Seven years I’ve been a home owner.

Seven flipping years I’ve been putting holes in my walls.

I blamed the plaster walls. I blamed the hammer, the weather and the moon. It wasn’t me and my lack of common sense. It had to be the frames!

Big dummy.

Anyway, I found my magical picture hanging nails by accident and believe me you, I will be hanging pictures everywhere now. But before I could hang anything up I had to repair the (lets get creative and call it wall customizing) holes that I had created.

What’s that? You don’t believe that I had that many holes in my walls?

Check this out:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It wasn’t painfully difficult even despite the issue with the paint but it took me almost a week to get ‘er done. So, as you can see it was an item for the list.



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