Busy Busy Bee

I realized yesterday that things could start to get out of control if I am going to get all of these things on my list done by December 31. Sure, I have been getting things crossed off but because I didn’t get the list up until  the second week of January I missed two weeks worth of things to do.

I did some quick math and figured I would need to get 15 things done this weekend to get all caught up and hot dang if I haven’t been getting a lot of stuff done. I’m not sure I quite hit 15 but I put a dent in the sucker! I won’t be able to fit all of them in this post, so be prepared to get blasted with a few million posts by nights end, but for this entry I am crossing off #297 Say Yes.

What the heck is she saying yes to, you ask? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you!

I am saying YES to joining the PostADay Challenge! I mean really, me and a 365 group… what could be more ideal?

So here is my entry into the challenge and stay tuned for the rest of the things I can happily scratch of off my list of 365 Resolutions 🙂


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