Let’s Talk About Paint, Baby.

Here is a tip. Do NOT use Ralph Lauren paint. Sure, the colors are gorgeous and you might assume that because of such a reliable name it would be a good choice, but I am here to tell you it is not worth the money or frustration.

The paint easily scratches and peels and if you want to go touch up the paint a few years later forget about it. The flipping cans RUST out which will leak when you stir the can and/or cause the paint to dry out.


This has happened to me on more than one occasion. The last time I was mad then but it wasn’t so terrible because I was able to salvage the paint from the rusted can. I ended up pouring pretty much a full can of 35$ paint into various plastic containers and was able to save it for touch ups and small projects.


Unfortunately, this time I wasn’t so lucky. Today when I pulled out the can for my bedroom, the paint in the can that I purposely saved for touch ups is completely dried out and rusty.

I am really mad this time because I am only trying to paint the spots I spackled and I’m not even sure if the Home Depot sells Ralph Lauren anymore. I do still have the tag on the can with the color code still so I will bring that with me and hopefully I can get a match but what a waste of time and money.


If worse comes to worst I am sure I can order a sample packet off of the website but who the heck wants to waste money on something that they had thought ahead for?

grrr. Seriously, don’t waste your money. If you see a color you must have go to the pro’s and have them mix the color for you with a quality paint.



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