The Mr. and Mrs.

As I was failing miserably at getting to work this morning I got a text that they were opening the office two hours late. And to be careful driving.

How nice.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t doing much driving. It was more like sitting in the car and moving an inch. every. other. minute. then sliding to a stop.

A two hour delay. Huh? Make it 4 and that would be about right.

After 30 minutes of being 3 blocks away from my house I gave up. I called in and said I wasn’t risking the drive; the girl I spoke with said I was smart. =)

So, what to do with a day trapped?  Well, I started #229 but more on that later because I have a looooong way to go. I then proceeded to do what any other normal adult would do.

#214 Make a snow angel

Yes, I’m 32 and I played in the snow by myself.

I was having so much fun being weird normal that I decided to (#208 ) make a snow ball, too. But then I thought it would be even better to make 6 snowballs and turn them into me and the huz snowpeople!

Hello, lover.

Why, yes!  I do have beautiful eyelashes! It’s Dior Show.

Isn’t he so handsome?

How would you spend a snow day?



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