No Shame, No Gain

I have no shame. Well, I do, but I can admit to my flaws.

The picture below is what my back door has looked like since Thanksgiving.

No, not this Thanksgiving.

The one before that.





Yes. For the past 14 months my kitchen has been decrepit, broken and very, very sad.

You see, I am guilty of drinking way too much, getting ridiculously angry and throwing a chair outside in a fit of fury. As a result Huz locked me out of the house when I  was retrieving the chair from the patio. I suppose I didn’t like that so I then proceeded to punch the glass window. Enough times to break through and become the lucky (and well deserving) winner of 8 stitches to my wrist.

I have a photo of that too, but its pretty gross so I will spare you the gruesome visual.

Anyway, moving on.

I lived and learned from the experience but I believe, to serve as a reminder, the forces in the world just would not allow us to replace the window correctly let alone quickly.

Not that we didn’t try. Huz called his dad for help. They tried. Then they went to a store for help.  They failed. So they tried other stores and finally ended up with the wrong glass. And that broke.

So last week a still determined Huz tried another different place and ordered another different type of glass.

How many flipping types of glass can there be anyway? Apparently, a lot.

Back to the story…

So, since I was home all day doing random bits of house things huz suggested that we try to put the latest and greatest piece of glass in the door and GUESS what?!

Wow, you are good!

SCORE! It was perfect! And it didn’t break!








Now, I didn’t do all the work (meaning any) but I did “help” by finding all the stupid nails he dropped a few hundred times.

Oh, and I looked pretty while holding the glass in place as he muttered something under his breath about being blind and not able to see the nail holes.

Surely that counts for something, right?

I say YES! So, I’m crossing the bad karma #244 off of the list now!


PLEASE, do not think I actually think that curtain looks good. It’s not even a curtain; It was a “let’s see how creative I can get with a staple gun” kind of moment that turned epic failure. That happened to add to the sad look I had going on.


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