Favorite Number to Cross Off!

Hot Diggity Dog! I love it when things go good! Don’t you just love it when things go good?  (insert annoying woooo-hoooo sounds here) This snow day is just getting better and better!

I can cross off another item on my list =) AND… it’s one of the best items that could get crossed off! Why one of the best, you say? Well, I’ll tell you why.

It’s because I had no control over this here task, #78 Get a Subscriber.

Oh, yeeeah, Baby! You heard right! I got my very own subscriber! (more annoying whooo-hoooo’s here, please!)

Thanks so much to Aubree at heckacool ! And from what I can tell, this girl is heckacool. I don’t just say this because she is my first subscriber but it seems we have a few things in common.  She is a new blogger (like me) who seems to curse a lot (also, like me), might have an anger management issue (hello, be sure to read my next post) and has a list of resolutions for this year (like me, too!!)  Her blog is pretty dang funny and totally worth checking out!

So, hop on over and check her out!  And to you, Aubree, thanks so much for subscribing! You TOTALLY made this snow day THE best!!!


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