Over the River and Through the Woods

This weekend I took my kids to visit my parents in the South Jersey home that I grew up in. It always feels a little strange for me to go back to the farm town I lived in for so long. Nostalgic feelings flood my soul as I drive by all of the places I used to not pay any mind to so many years ago.

I took so many simple things for granted and I find myself longing for them so often these days. Living so close to the city now, I don’t get to see cows grazing or corn fields for miles. The air is so different out there, too. It’s fresh and clean and the sky! I always seem to forget how well you can really see the stars down there in the open land.

Honestly, as much as I know I miss the country I don’t visit as often as I should. I always feel like I have too many things to get done at home or the kids have plans that they will be missing out on. This time though, I am glad we went.

My kids got to visit with their cousin that they used to see everyday but now rarely see. My Dad got to show off his new video camera and I got to spend a few minutes with my brother. My Mom made a big delicious spaghetti dinner (my favorite meal she makes) and we all sat at their huge table together and enjoyed her hard work.

My parents and I really don’t see each other lately, mostly just at family parties, but when we do get to spend some time alone it seems like there is always so much for each of us to say.

While the kids giggled and played and  watched movies, listened to music and danced around the house my parents and I had a chance to talk for hours.

Before long the house was quiet and everyone but my mother and I were asleep. We stayed up late, sharing a bottle of wine and talking about life, the good and the sad, past wishes and the present dreams that we both have. It wasn’t until 3:30 AM that we hugged each other hard and said good night.

I love my parents, I love where I grew up and sometimes it just feels so wonderful to spend such quality time with them there. When it was time to leave we hugged goodbye and  headed on our way, happy that we had such a nice visit.

As I passed by the fields and trees that made me feel a longing for them the day before I didn’t give them a second thought. I wasn’t frustrated with the traffic on the highways, or bothered by the million stop lights I got slowed down by and the 100 potholes (that I usually curse at) were a piece of cake to avoid on our way home.

I realize that even though it was a nice visit it felt even better to return to the hustle and bustle of my kids hometown, no matter how much I miss the calmness of my own.


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