#76 Post This List to Blog

It took me forever to get the ball rolling for the main topic of my blog but I am proud to say, I finally got it up and running!

I created a new list of 365 Resolutions based on an idea I had last year but never followed through with. You can read about that here.

Since I thought I had come up with a pretty nifty idea, I decided that this year I would make a whole new list and get ‘er done right this go around.

I even gave the list her very own special page.


My goal now is to get everything crossed off of that there stress inducing-I’ll never run out of things to get done-list of 365 Resolutions for 2011.

Sure, some items are easy and silly but I just don’t have the time to cliff dive or hang glide so I needed to be realistic with my tasks. Give me 5 years though, I just might have the time for those fun things then!

For now, over the next 365-ish days I’ll be working on checking items off of my list and sharing my experiences and any advice or tips that I may have about these random and pretty suburban housewife type of  tasks.

I suppose now I owe you a celebratory dance.


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