Reminder to Self: Being a Size 0 is Much More Satisfying than that 14 Point Piece of Pie

I joined Weight Watchers, I learned to eat right, I learned to love working out and I lost 47 pounds.

Then they changed the program and I’ve struggled ever since.

I have been using the change (and the extra points) as an excuse to eat sweets and the cold weather as an excuse to not go to the gym.

Now my pants are feeling tight and I’m feeling disappointed in myself.

I know I have to just knock it off, get rid of this lazy, can-eat-cake attitude, get it back together, get back into the gym and change my mindset back to what it was just a few weeks ago.

Pms or not, extra points or not, snow or not.. I’m just going to try my best to remember how unimportant that sticky bun really is, how sexy my hip bones are and put down the damn fork.


For real.

A little self loathing usually works for me but I am sure there are some more positive ways to get back on track. Am I the only one who beats myself down to get back on top?  Do you have any positive ways of re-motivating yourself when you get off track that you can suggest?


One thought on “Reminder to Self: Being a Size 0 is Much More Satisfying than that 14 Point Piece of Pie

  1. I think the best way is just to take it one day at a helps me to keep a workout/eating log on my bedroom wall, right by the door, so I can feel good about writing things on it.

    am way too hard on myself too, and right now I’m sorta struggling with staying accountable to myself as far as workouts go and skipping the ice cream! Good post 🙂

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