Snuggle Buggin’

I know, I know; The weekends over and I still haven’t published the list that I’ve been avoiding like the plauge.

I’ll get there. It’s currently a work in progress, sitting on my night stand waiting for patiently for my attention.

While avoiding the list I’ve done a full weekend of cooking; I made teriyaki tofu with cabbage slaw, stuffed eggplants, a 14 pound turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, garlic string beans with tomatoes, carrots marcella, and a lemon ricotta cake. Then I had my husbands family over for a beer drinking contest football feast.

Throw in the dismantling of the Christmas decorations and regular cleaning and it turned out to be a pretty hectic but wonderful weekend.

Anywhoo, I’m going to crawl into my comfy and inviting bed now and hibernate for the next 8 hours.

Sweet dreams, readers; Hopefully, during these bitter cold nights, all of your beds are as toasty warm and snuggle worthy as ours.

And most importantly, may next weeend come quickly!


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