My List of Resolutions from 2010 and where I’ll go from here…

It was a year ago when I set out to be the author of a blog documenting 365 resolutions that I would like to accomplish in the year of 2010. I worked for days trying to come up with enough tasks to keep me busy for a year. The idea was that as I’d cross each item off of the list I’d share my experience through blog land. I pulled together a mixture of good deeds, fun things, healthy efforts, shopping excursions and some stuff I felt I should just do.

I never actually got any further than making the list of resolutions. I suppose I was scared, overwhelmed or simply didn’t believe I had it in me to follow through with the never ending “To-Do List”. I did, however,  keep my list and now that that a year has passed I have decided it might be a good idea to revisit what I had set out to do and see if I had actually gotten anything done in subconscience effort.

Well, to say the least, I’ve surprised myself. I ended up achieving more than a quarter of what I wanted to get done without even looking at it more than once or twice during the year. Aside from the list I’ve also completed a couple of wonderful things that I initially had no intention on doing. I have changed my life in a very positive way in 2010 by losing 50 pounds and becoming a much healthier (and happier) person than I was a year ago. I joined Weight Watchers in May of 2010 and Planet Fitness in September of 2010 and I am so proud of how I’ve changed my lifestyle. The added bonus is that I’ve taught myself that anything can be accomplished when you have your mind focused.

Even with everything positive I have done for myself and my family in 2010, I still have my regrets. The biggest regret is that I didn’t write about my progress through out the year. That’s should be an easy fix; this year I WILL publish a blog, and I WILL update it daily so I can accomplish the one thing I’d like to do so much… be a blogger as well as the other tasks I’d like to achieve.

In the next few days I will be working another list of resolutions, my 365 for 2011. I plan to take pictures and write about each item I cross off the list just as I wanted to do last year. Since I officially started this slow moving blog in 2010, I get to cross “Start a blog” off of the list. Hopefully this year with my mind being set on the list I will get to cross off every item.

For now,  you will find below, my 2010 list of 365 and what exactly were the things that I’ve accomplished.

  1. use coupons at the supermarket, at least once
  2. find an office chair for my desk
  3. get rid of the folding chair i currently use at my desk
  4. fix Isaac’s closet
  5. put up shelves in the fixed closet
  6. get all of my coats dry cleaned
  7. buy flowers from the guy on the corner of Stenton Ave.
  8. ride a bike
  9. find a nightstand for my bedroom
  10. organize the attic
  11. scrape the textured ceiling off in the bathroom
  12. strip the wall paper off in the bathroom
  13. remove the vinyl floor from the bathroom
  14. pick out a kick-ass paint color to mask the ugly tiles in the bathroom
  15. refurb the floors in the bathroom (see how I am turning one project into a lot of different things – tricky, I know)
  16. paint the ceiling in the bathroom
  17. paint the walls… in the bathroom
  18. pick out fun new stuff… for the bathroom
  19. send my mom flowers, just because
  20. cook a new recipe once a week
  21. take one picture a day
  22. update my blog every day, even if it’s just to post a picture
  23. get a manicure and pedicure
  24. organize the pantry
  25. put weather stripping around my doors
  26. get the glass replaced in my back door window
  27. find fabric to reupholster the window seat in the kitchen
  28. curtains for the kitchen
  29. have an over-the-top movie night with the kids
  30. make a cheese cake
  31. send out Christmas cards
  32. organize all 4 itunes libraries and ipods
  33. start a blog
  34. create a 10×6 garden in my back yard
  35. maintain said garden
  36. hard core spring cleaning
  37. hard core summer cleaning
  38. hard core fall cleaning
  39. hard core winter cleaning
  40. finish this list
  41. read 4 books this year
  42. order a subscription to Real Simple
  43. go to the pool once a week (once it’s open)
  44. keep up with the no drinking
  45. have a dinner party
  46. go roller skating with the kids
  47. take a full week off for Maryland
  48. go blonde
  49. paint Nan’s room
  50. buy Lee an awesome present for his birthday
  51. make a candle lit dinner for Lee – oh la la
  52. go to the movies with a friend
  53. bring lunch to work 4 days a week
  54. make dinner 4 days a week
  55. only eat meat 3 days a week
  56. eat an apple every day
  57. go for a long walk
  58. take the kids to the beach 2 times other then Maryland
  59. sand the kitchen cabinets and window frames
  60. paint the cabinets and window frames
  61. get new carpet installed in the basement
  62. fix the tile in the shower in the basement
  63. cook a lobster
  64. cook a steak
  65. make a lemon meringue pie
  66. make an apple pie
  67. go out to dinner with just Lee
  68. do something kind for a stranger
  69. go to the doctors for a regular check up
  70. go to the dentist
  71. make a treat just to bring into work
  72. beat my 2009 change savings of $309
  73. go to church once
  74. buy a scale
  75. pick out my outfit the night before
  76. make a big meal every sunday
  77. clean the bathrooms on thursdays
  78. hold the kids accountable
  79. beat super mario brothers
  80. shut the tv off before I go to bed
  81. make a craft
  82. make emril’s banana cream pie
  83. make tiramisu
  84. create an herb garden
  85. pick out a window treatment for the front room
  86. buy an area rug
  87. go to a thrift store
  88. frame some photos
  89. put all of my photos into albums
  90. watch the meteor shower in June
  91. watch fireworks
  92. make a snow ball
  93. make ice pops
  94. host a barbecue
  95. go to the melting pot with my sister
  96. treat the hardwood floors with “bruce’s”
  97. buy Dior mascara
  98. put away all of the hand me down home goods my mom gave us
  99. get a dishwasher at a humongous discount
  100. make an origami
  101. alphabetize all of our cd’s
  102. replace our old beat up towels with new ones
  103. hang up my 4th of July wreath
  104. decorate for Halloween
  105. make carmel apples
  106. fill up my gas tank every Monday after work
  107. stop wasting money on red bull
  108. re-organize the basement and utilize all of the storage options
  109. paint the closet wall in the basement
  110. paint the front door
  111. patch the various holes in the walls
  112. find a great place for my heart sign and hang it
  113. get a stainless steel trash can for the kitchen
  114. wrestle Isaac
  115. dance with Natalie
  116. listen to music more often
  117. get an under cabinet radio for the kitchen
  118. get a radio for the bathroom
  119. sing in the shower
  120. eat as slow as the kids
  121. make a crock pot recipe once a week
  122. walk barefoot in grass
  123. fix the broken wood on the shed
  124. hang a flag back up outside
  125. paint the railing
  126. find a cushion big enough for the bench in the back yard
  127. don’t eat chocolate at work
  128. smile when I’m in a bad mood to see if I can snap out of it
  129. buy a lottery ticket
  130. go to the store with a list and stick to it
  131. find a good quality fitted sheet on clearance that matches my bedroom and put it around my box spring (thanks for the idea Martha!)
  132. save 20$ a week. no excuses.
  133. skip
  134. make a new friend
  135. reconnect with an old friend
  136. help someone with something
  137. do something nice for a neighbor
  138. get smore’s at Cosi with the kids
  139. make homemade manicotti
  140. attempt to make canolli’s
  141. cook pork chops
  142. stop and smell the flowers
  143. listen to the birds sing
  144. drive to work without turning the radio on the whole time
  145. whistle
  146. be spontaneous
  147. make funny faces at Lee to be funny, not to be snotty
  148. tickle Lee
  149. use the massage bars from Lush
  150. collect everyone’s addresses
  151. put all of the addresses into my contacts
  152. put everyones birthdays into the calendar
  153. try to send cards to people for their birthdays
  154. write a note to Grammie
  155. go to ikea just to browse
  156. see Peggy’s new house
  157. hook up my printer
  158. get new outlet covers for the kitchen
  159. learn how to turn on my fireplace
  160. pat myself on the back
  161. accept compliments graciously
  162. talk to a stranger
  163. make hot chocolate
  164. go to the baltimore aquarium
  165. go to Longwood Gardens
  166. visit Jonnie’s grave
  167. pray
  168. do something for the house before I leave for work
  169. eat breakfast with the kids
  170. give myself extra time in the morning
  171. do the Friday folders on Fridays
  172. make cookies for the bake sale
  173. buy girl-scout cookies
  174. don’t sit down for at least 20 minutes after I get home from work
  175. organize mail as soon as I see it
  176. get my eyes checked
  177. get the kids new glasses
  178. research insurance plans
  179. make a resume
  180. put my resume on just to see what kind of offers I get
  181. get a ceiling tile for the downstairs bathroom
  182. buy the right lightbulbs for the basement lights
  183. clean the light fixture in the kitchen
  184. detail clean the ceiling fans and glass shades on them
  185. make bread
  186. take the kids out to do something once a week, even if it’s only to food shop
  187. watch less tv
  188. reorganize all of my drawers
  189. get rid of the junk drawer
  190. clean out the drains with vinegar
  191. buy a pair of uggs
  192. wear my brown hat
  193. fit back into my nice clothes
  194. have a real picnic
  195. surprise the kids with something random
  196. make jello
  197. send a box of jello to Evin
  198. make a video
  199. invite my sister over
  200. call Grammie
  201. start doing yoga again
  202. make general tso’s chicken
  203. buy a full album on itunes
  204. download freebies on itunes
  205. read a newspaper
  206. get a hanging plant and keep it alive
  207. have a blow pop
  208. get rid of my old magazines
  209. set real simple as my home page
  210. change my name at the bank
  211. order fancy checks
  212. open a savings account for my expense checks
  213. get my eyebrows professionally done
  214. wear earrings everyday
  215. buy a new bag
  216. set up Natalie’s sewing machine
  217. help my mom clean out her attic
  218. go to NY to visit Beth
  219. draw a picture
  220. listen to music when I get ready for work
  221. go shopping with a friend
  222. go shopping on black friday
  223. visit the art museum
  224. go through my bookshelf and donate the books I don’t want
  225. get a library card
  226. learn how to say “don’t talk to me” in Italian
  227. record all of my favorite recipes
  228. buy skin toning lotion and use it
  229. talk less
  230. listen more
  231. drink a cup of tea
  232. try to bring fung sui into my home
  233. get a bamboo plant
  234. try a vegetable I have not tried before
  235. go to Rita’s
  236. go to the driving range
  237. try to play tennis
  238. learn how to play chess
  239. play cards with Lee
  240. play a game with the kids
  241. donate to toys for tots
  242. take A.J. and Sophia for the night and not dread it
  243. pull a prank on the kids
  244. learn how to do something new
  245. write a poem
  246. put birdseed outside
  247. put fresh water in the bird bath
  248. plant a rose bush
  249. get another chair for the porch
  250. stock up on air fresheners for the car/van when I see a good sale
  251. re-organize my desk at work
  252. buy Wolford tights
  253. put a lamp in my bedroom
  254. clean the oven
  255. take a nap
  256. go to bed at 10
  257. get my shower as soon as I get up, then make coffee
  258. make a fantastic breakfast
  259. do lunges and crunches every other day
  260. get a copy of Lee’s Navy picture and frame it
  261. get my bridesmaid dress dyed and altered for my Holiday party
  262. make a valentines day card for Lee
  263. make chocolate covered cherries
  264. go to a flea market
  265. go to the circus with Lee and the kids
  266. go to a Phillies game with Lee and the kids
  267. go to one of AJ’s baseball games
  268. go to the kids basketball games
  269. get a canister for my cooking utensils
  270. buy something velvet
  271. make a soufflé
  272. visit my family in north Jersey
  273. remember a dream
  274. throw away a lot of stuff
  275. go to the Harvest Festival
  276. go to a craft show with my mom
  277. ride a roller coaster
  278. ride a water slide
  279. collect sea shells
  280. build a sandcastle with the kids
  281. make fancy lunches for work
  282. walk all the way to the end of the Tookany trail
  283. get the rugs cleaned
  284. buy a new wallet
  285. get a good photo on my license renewal
  286. smile more
  287. get whitening strips
  288. put something together
  289. take time to put good outfits together
  290. talk on the phone for an hour
  291. eat lunch at my desk
  292. make wings with homemade blu cheese
  293. wear green on St. Patties day
  294. get a brazilian
  295. make stove-top popcorn
  296. see a play
  297. make a red velvet cake
  298. get Natalie a new book bag
  299. remove all of the random nails from the walls and woodwork
  300. drink a cup of milk
  301. restock the first aid kit
  302. get new wedges
  303. new underthings from Tulips
  304. buy a “biscotti” pillar candle from Pier1
  305. fit into my teal dress and go somewhere nice in it
  306. be proud of myself
  307. make a recipe using tofu
  308. try to convince Lee that we should get a cat
  309. learn how to eat with chopsticks
  310. take the kids to the orthodontist
  311. make 1 recipe from the Emril cookbook (not counting the banana cream pie)
  312. complete a 1/4 of this list
  313. complete 1/2
  314. complete 3/4
  315. complete the whole list (that’s the goal isn’t it?)
  316. get lost (it’s bound to happen)
  317. walk through the shops in Society Hill
  318. howl at the moon
  319. watch a sad movie and cry
  320. give Winnie a little of my lunch everyday to cut calories and win her love
  321. try to stop rolling my eyes all of the time
  322. do a cartwheel
  323. throughly clean all of the blinds
  324. organize the tool bench
  325. be more stern
  326. speak loud and clear
  327. say yes
  328. say no
  329. speak my mind
  330. avoid a fight
  331. give Lee the silent treatment instead of arguing back
  332. kiss Lee goodbye every morning
  333. go to Whole Foods
  334. meet my mom at Wegman’s
  335. go to the zoo
  336. take Grandma out to lunch
  337. meet Lee’s mom
  338. memorize something
  339. play catch with Natalie
  340. go miniature golfing
  341. sign Natalie up for babysitting classes
  342. sign up to go on a school trip
  343. learn a new dance
  344. enjoy time with my family
  345. bring home a pizza from Pizza Time
  346. walk through the shops in Jenkintown
  347. eat cold soup
  348. try sake
  349. pretend I am someone famous for a day
  350. play dress up with Natalie
  351. visit Grammie
  352. pretend it’s Isaac’s birthday at a restaurant
  353. pretend it’s Natalie’s birthday at a restaurant
  354. make cookies for Jeff- the mailman at work
  355. tell a story that makes everyone laugh
  356. clean my wedding ring
  357. buy real mistletoe
  358. take the stairs instead of the escalator
  359. take the long way around my building
  360. get pearl earrings from tiffanies
  361. set a timer for 10 minutes and see how much I can straighten up around the house before it goes off
  362. take a long soak in a hot tub with my favorite bubble bath
  363. get myself a cute apron
  364. play frisbee
  365. look back at all I’ve accomplished and savor success

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